It’s dirty and has a puddle in the boot - any offers?

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Some used car sales people don’t tend to have the best reputation when it comes to telling the whole truth about motors.

But one dad, who wanted to teach his son a lesson about how to care for his car, has posted an hilariously honest description of his son’s wheels on eBay.

Apart from listing the car’s dents, scrapes, holes and broken features (and it’s a long list) he also described it as ‘a large dustbin for discarded fruit and McDonald’s, not suitable for carrying passengers’!

I like this technique of selling cars and think I could really benefit from giving it a go.

For example I’ve never washed my car, though my boyfriend once did it for me when he was doing his own. It could really could do with a Hoover as well.

There’s a bit of a puddle in the boot caused by a small leak in a seal.

It’s a Toyota Aygo so although its size makes it easy to park, it also feels like its about to take off in any sizeable gust of wind.

There are no dents (as far as I’m aware) but the back wheels are a little scraped. So, any offers?

Jez: Maybe I should try the honest approach to selling my Clio. It’s black and has an exclusive stripe down its left side where somebody keyed it.

The rubber door seals are held together with black gaffer tape and the temperature gauge on the dashboard reads -14c all year round.

Apart from all that it’s a great little runner.

Truth is I’m utterly useless at selling things on eBay.

In the past I’ve attempted to sell a Michael Jackson exclusive CD box set featuring every album he ever did. I listed it for sale in the UK only and got £75 for it.

But towards the end of the auction loads of American people started offering crazy money and I didn’t realise I could change the auction, so I sold it for £75 when I could have got hundreds.

I also sold loads of books and forgot about weighing them for postage – once I’d sent them I was out of pocket. In future maybe I should try injecting some humour into my eBay sales as I might have more luck!