It’s disgusting that people can behave in this way

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England have played. England have lost. And it’s all your fault.

That you weren’t on the pitch in Brazil with the team doesn’t matter. That you’re pregnant – doesn’t matter either.

What matters is that you were there with him when the final whistle blew.

And you’re going to be punished.

It’s an established fact that whenever there’s a major sporting tournament, domestic violence increases.

Apparently tensions can get a bit high during the World Cup.

When that’s coupled with alcohol and a natural leaning to use fists as a way of expressing disappointment, it’s no wonder police in our area have stepped up their domestic violence patrols.

Last week The News reported how a pregnant woman was kicked in her stomach by her partner just because England lost to Italy.

I think it’s disgusting that people can behave that way.

What really upsets me is that they are often allowed to get away with it.

A second chance to be a better person is followed by a third, then a fourth, until the relationship becomes stuck in a depressing cycle of violence, contrition and forgiveness.

I’ve never been in that awful situation, but a good friend of mine has and she’s not shy about telling people what it was like.

The abuser says they’ll change. It all sounds plausible, but then the actions come and they really do speak louder than words.

Every time the abuser is forgiven, a bit of self-respect is eroded until all that’s left is a victim who can see no way out other than to continue to forgive.

It’s no way to live – fearing the actions of your partner, wondering deep down if (sorry, when) you’ll be hurt again.

That fear, that stomach-churning, anxious feeling is not right.

No-one should be staying in a relationship with someone who makes them feel like that.

But there is hope. Thanks to the efforts of the police locally, one woman decided to leave an abusive relationship she’d been in for years.

Hopefully she won’t go back. Hopefully she’ll realise there is a way out.