It’s flat, so why not get out on your bike and ride?

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There are lots of reason why it’s great to live in this area.
 There’s being by the sea for one. 
 But another is that, largely speaking, it’s flat. 
 And that means it’s ideal for cycling. 
 The roads are chock-a-block with cars. 
 So not only is cycling often a quicker way to get around but it keeps you fit and gets you out in the great outdoors too. 
 And not many people have a reason to not want that. But, of course, cycling on the roads is not without its risks.
 Which is why we hope the council approves the plans to extend the cyclepaths along the seafront at Lee-on-the-Solent.

As the leader of Gosport Borough Council Mark Hook says: ‘We’ve got one of the highest populations of people cycling to work and where we can improve cyclepaths and get them off the roads obviously it’s got to be a good thing.’

It really is a no-brainer. The more people that leave their cars at home, the less congestion and the healthier we all are.

It’s a lesson that could be learned across the area. And one that really could help benefit people’s health in the long term.

The government recommends 30 minutes exercise, five times a week.

How many people actually make that mark?

Well, get out there on a bike and most people will have it covered just with their commute to work every day.
 With 2012 being the year that a Brit Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France and was crowned Sports Personality of the Year, there’s never been a better time to bite the bullet and get out there on your bike. 
 So why not start your new year with a resolution to get back in the saddle?