It’s great to see our city being the star of the show

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Sometimes it’s easy to forget what a great city Portsmouth is. 
 Yes, its roads get busy and yes, not every view is beautiful. But it really is a true gem. And it’s great to see that on the world stage.

As we report on page three today, the Hollywood version of Les Miserables has opened to almost universal rave reviews.

Where did the producers turn when they needed a location to shoot some of the scenes? Portsmouth, of course.

With the fantastic heritage buildings at the Historic Dockyard, it was their first port of call.

And, if you know what you’re looking for, it’s there for all to see. Except, rather than the usual families taking a great day out, it’s movie stars Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe who are there.

People living in this area should go and see the film. If the critics are to be believed, and they’re usually not far wrong, it’s a fantastic watch, but it’s also a chance to see our city.

How many times can you sit in the cinema and say ‘I live there’?

It’s a great showcase for the dockyard, which has so much more than just Warrior and Victory to see.

As the film shows, looking in the right places can be like stepping back in time.

But there’s plenty more to cheer about. We’ve got Southsea Common, Gunwharf Quays and the Spinnaker Tower for starters.

That’s to say nothing of Dickens’ birthplace and, of course, our great football club.

So it might not always be easy, but remember, have pride in where we are. It really is a fantastic place. 
 And, thanks to Les Miserables, it will now be shown off to millions of people around the world.