It’s high time this sorry mess was sorted out

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Back in February we took the Post Office to task for the state of its branch in Gosport town centre. The town’s MP, Caroline Dinenage, had already called for some action. Two town councillors had also added their voices to the growing number of people expressing great dissatisfaction with the fact that large parts of the High Street Post Office were boarded up and resembled a building site.

So what has happened since then? Absolutely nothing.

The Post Office had previously told The News that it was working on making temporary improvements to the building.

But we have seen no evidence of that.

It is five long years since refurbishment of the interior began, only for it to come to a grinding halt.

Now customers have to put up with an eyesore and the practical problems of reduced space in which to queue.

That’s just not on.

What we fail to understand is why the Post Office has been so reluctant to improve the appearance of its Gosport branch.

Surely, even though it doesn’t own the building, it realises that it’s important to provide a pleasant environment for its customers?

And, at a time when a lot of work is being done to stimulate trade in the town’s High Street, it is just not playing its part.

We’ve said before that a thriving Post Office is one of those services that can encourage people to spend some time and money in an area, so it’s vital that improvements are made and quickly.

We support the town’s Tory council leader, Councillor Mark Hook, who has written a letter of complaint to the Post Office calling the branch a ‘severe embarrassment’ and a ‘disgrace’.

Strong words, but they need to be said.

He says he’s continually getting complaints about the appearance of the Post Office and wants representatives to meet the council to see what can be done.

That seems perfectly reasonable to us. So we expect them to break cover, turn up and, between them, sort this out once and for all.