It’s just being creative with the truth

COMMENT: A move in the right direction but still not a win for all

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My Roman Catholic fire and brimstone Scots gran used to say,: ‘Better a murderer than a liar be’, because at least you know a murderer might murder you, but with a liar you’ll never know where you stand.

Recently I wrote about women telling fibs about how much food they eat when on a diet. The only way to stop cheating is to write down all food eaten in a food diary.

Well, slap my thigh. Last week a national newspaper headline stated: ‘Women tell 474 porky pies a year about what they eat’.

Where’d they get that from, eh? Nah, us girlies wouldn’t do that.

Two of the top 20 food lies include ‘I limit my carb intake’ and ‘I’m testing the dinner’.

See, on behalf of the sisterhood, they don’t feel like lies, more being a little creative with the truth, dear.

Am I right?