It’s more like Baffins Pond than the BVIs for me, Rich

Eve Myles stars in the new BBC series Keeping Faith'  Picture: BBC Wales

SEAN BLACKMAN: Keeping the faith

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I’ve just finished one of Richard Branson’s books and reckon he’s one of the UK’s most accomplished and inspiring individuals.

His creativity, care for great staff and determination for new ways to skin the cat are something to be admired.

One of his closing gambits was about keeping your mind and body in tip-top condition, so you’re primed for the daily challenges.

On the same level as you and I, RB loves to reawaken his body and soul by swimming three miles a day around his own island in the British Virgin Islands.

Inspirational stuff, Rich. but for the time being walking the dog around Baffins Pond, armed and ready with plastic bag-stuffed pockets, is more the reality.