It’s no wonder that Maximum Bob retired to Radio Solent!

Police at the scene in Link Street, Hackney, east London after a man in his 20s died after being stabbed. Picture: Press Association

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I’m hosting the breakfast show on Wave 105 next week whilst Steve Power takes a holiday.

It’s back to those 4.30am alarm calls that were part of my life for 15 years until I left Power FM.

Those days were brought back to me when my ex-radio ‘wife’ Donna Alos popped in for a cuppa.

She now lives in Birmingham with her hubby and three-year-old boy Samuel.

We laughed at all the stunts we played on people over the years and remembered Maximum Bob driving a ‘mini-moto’ bike into the sea live on air at GAFIRS.

We made Bob swim to the Isle of Wight from there and also made him skinny dip. No wonder he retired to Radio Solent!