It’s not about a huge pile of gifts

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I love Christmas and look forward to it every year.

It’s simply my favourite time of year, but there is one tradition I won’t be taking part in.

It’s been happening ever since the birth of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Think back to Christmas Eve last year: while wasting a few minutes and scrolling through your Facebook timeline you probably saw photos posted by parents of huge piles of Christmas presents all wrapped up and ready to be opened in the morning.

A description next to the photo went something like ‘All ready for him to open tomorrow’.

It seems to me like it has become a competition as to who can give their child the most presents.

We all spoil our children from time to time, but for me, showering my children with gifts isn’t important.

A higher priority is that they enjoy and appreciate what they do get and that I make sure I take the time to sit down and enjoy the moment with them.