It’s official - digestives are the best biscuits for dunking

Cheryl was lucky enough to sit next to 1980s pop star Sinitta, pictured here at a previous event   Picture: PA

CHERYL GIBBS: An embarrassing moment at a celebrity shindig with Sinitta

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The results are in and I can reveal that the nation’s number one dunking biscuit is – the digestive.

Dunking is a British tradition, perfectly combining our twin loves of tea and biccies (we munched 141 million packets last year).

This survey reminded me of comic Peter Kay’s hilarious routine about dipping biscuits in his brew.

In it he says how Rich Teas are the wimps of the biscuit world.

‘They should be called one-dips. You gotta be like lightning’.

Then he tells of his admiration for the Hobnob.

‘They’re like the SAS of the biscuit world. Again, again, dip me. I’m going nowhere me. Is that all you’ve got?

Check out the video on YouTube. It’s hilarious.