It’s simple to do and could transform someone’s life

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He’s only nine, but Luis Goncalves is nothing if not determined.

He believes passionately that more people should sign up to the organ donor register and has written to 17 MPs in Hampshire and the leaders of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties asking them to set an example by joining the register.

Luis, from Gosport, has also set up a campaign headquarters and even launched a website,, where he will be posting updates.

It’s impressive stuff from one so young.

But then Luis has a very personal reason for wanting more people to join the register.

He is bravely fighting renal failure with the help of his own dad Ed’s donated kidney.

His kidneys were working at just four per cent before the transplant was carried out on March 19.

Afterwards. he resolved to do something positive to get the donor numbers up after he and Ed were discharged from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

After diagnosis in 2012, Luis spent a year on dialysis and knows that many patients hoping for donated organs have to wait much longer.

His proud dad says of Luis’ campaign: ‘It’s very therapeutic for him to transform what has been a very difficult year.

‘He has had 10 operations, some of them extremely painful and scars on his body from all the different tubes.

‘It’s turning all of that into something positive.’

Luis has already got a good response, with some MPs he has contacted vowing to join the organ donor register as a result of his pleas.

Now he’s got his sights set on writing to his hero, football star Cristiano Ronaldo, asking if he would follow suit.

We think young Luis is a real inspiration and we wish him every success in his aim of getting as many people as possible to join the register.

It’s simple to do and could transform the life of somebody desperately waiting for a transplant.

Just go to today to register.