It’s the club that takes the risk, so it deserves the profit

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SEAN BLACKMAN: Keeping the faith

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Former Pompey manager Harry Redknapp was said in court to have received a percentage of the profit made from the sale of England striker Peter Crouch.

A fellow manager moved quickly to support this procedure which, though arguably questionable, is entirely legal.

Ian Holloway, of Blackpool, sounded indignant as he defended a practice which sits uncomfortably with fans because of the conflicting priorities many think it presents.

He admitted he made a few bob when Charlie Adam, bought for £500,000, was later sold to Liverpool for £8.5m.

‘I deserved a cut. I spotted Charlie’s potential and took the gamble of bringing him to the club,’ he whined.

I think he’s wrong. The club took the risk and therefore deserved the profit.