It’s time for a decade update

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When you start to break it down, the English language can be a tough beast to tame.

Especially when obsolete words are being thrown into the mix.

Children learn to read phonetically these days.

They use the sound of the letter and patch the letters together to create the word.

It works amazingly well and youngsters can spell out long words quickly.

Only today, my daughter Molly read the words ‘measurement’ and ‘grandmother’ without any parental guidance.

But, is there any real need for her to be learning the word ‘camcorder’?

One of her books was based around a family using the crippling 1980s Goliath to make a home video when they accidentally catch two burglars making a break for it.

I understand incorporating history into some of the stories but surely future generations won’t be reminiscing about defunct technology?

Although, I would be up for a couple of episodes on the battle between Betamax and VHS.