It’s time to be more than a foul weather friend to the guttering

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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Has everyone with a house now done the classic check that they only ever do once there’s been significant snowfall?

I’m talking about ‘The Guttering Inspection’.

It’s something you never think about at any other time of year.

Your poor guttering’s just left there unloved and ignored the rest of the time. But come the snow you start looking up at it with increasing fear, worrying if it’s going to be able to take the weight of the snow and ice.

And if it’s dodgy, you start trying to poke it with the longest thing you can find in order to loosen some of the stuff that’s there.

Why do we always have to leave the guttering inspection until it snows? 

Let’s show it a little love and tenderness and check it once a week for the rest of the year. Be good to your guttering. Let’s start a campaign!

Ashleigh and Pudsey were again entertaining the nation with their version of Gangnam Style at the National Television Awards.

Bearing in mind who’s the star of the double act, shouldn’t it be Pudsey and Ashleigh, not Ashleigh and Pudsey?

If I was that clever dog I think I’d be a bit upset about not being given first billing.

Let’s face it, she’s not much of a mover, is she? But Pudsey’s amazing. He should get top billing. Either that or he should go solo.

Now, this is something my friend did the other night in the pub while drunk.

He was looking out of the window at something happening across the street but couldn’t quite see as it was a little too far away.

So, and he swears this is true, he put his fingers to the window and tried to ‘re-size’ the image he was seeing in the way that you do with a smartphone!

Like I say, he was drunk.