It’s time to fine the oblivious

Dangerous walkers should be fined
Dangerous walkers should be fined
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It gives me the screaming abdabs dear’, I grumbled to Jemima Jalopy (my car).

‘Wouldn’t it be just delish darling if we could give them a little bumper kiss?’

Folks, I’m on about pedestrians – heads down, usually with their iPods in their ears or texting on their mobiles, totally oblivious to the world around them and walking right out in front of cars without warning.

Sooo dangerous, dear.

When I toot JJ’s horn and scream and shout at them, they look at me like ‘chillax man, no probs’.

Grrrr. I’ve just slammed my anchors on, my heart is in my mouth and, if I’d knocked them flying as I said earlier, I would be prosecuted.

Something needs to be done before there are some really serious accidents.

Well something is being done in Fort Lee New Jersey, USA.

After more than 20 pedestrians (mostly using mobiles), were involved in accidents with cars earlier this year, police chief Thomas Ripoli decided to take action.

He’s instructed his officers to issue fines of $85 (£52) to anyone they consider to be engaging in ‘ dangerous walking’, citing texting while crossing the road as a prime example of the offence.

Since the start of the campaign in March, 117 people have been fined.

We need that law in Good Old Blighty.

And finally...

Do you remember the days when your post arrived before you went to work? And then a second post came mid-morning?

Now my post arrives ‘if and when’.

On Monday, arriving back home from the dentist (infected broken eye tooth – don’t you just love it folks) there on the stairs to the four floors above, all neatly arranged for each floor, was the post.

Yes, the lazy postie couldn’t even be bothered to post mail in each individual flat on the four floors.

The Royal Mail has just increased the cost of 1st class stamps to 60p and 2nd class stamps to 50p – and then gives us a 3rd rate service.