It’s time to get spooky!

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It’s Halloween in a couple of days – time to get spooky.

The period is an opportunity for young people to get creative, have a laugh and some treats and most importantly, scare people.

When I was younger I used to love Halloween and all of the unexpected events that came along with it.

One of my favourite times was when I attended a party with my mum, both of us dressed as vampires.

We had to spend the whole evening in character and I (as an 11-year-old vampire) spent the evening running around attempting to bite people’s necks.

Now, you can imagine how that looked. All I can remember were concerned parents who wanted to keep my friends away from me.

Another fond memory of Halloween was when I spent an evening sat in a recycling bin in a street patiently waiting to jump out on families while wearing a Scream mask.

I was always determined to really show them what a ‘trick’ was – no treats from me. It’s all one big laugh in my opinion to be honest.

Personally, I’m not so much a fan of Halloween itself, but I like the fact it allows people to be creative and imaginative.

Take pumpkins for example. I have seen some carved amazingly well. Celebrities, films, words – you name it, the carvings on the pumpkins were really good.

As well as this, some people design brilliant costumes.

It’s usually all fairly standard, such as a witch, zombie or a vampire but individuals tend to give the costumes their own mark.

This time of year is also an enjoyable period for some families as they stroll down the wet, cold streets knocking doors with their children, surprising residents and asking for a ‘trick or treat’.

All of the fun aside, there is a serious side.

It’s important that everyone remains aware of how to stay safe.

The last thing I want to do is dampen the mood, but if people want to have a fun evening, they should consider risks,

It’s important to stay together as a group, don’t go wandering off alone.

Halloweens enthusiasts of Portsmouth, have a blast of a time but keep safe.