It’s time to shout about Portsmouth’s positives

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Today we’re delighted to help launch the Passion for Portsmouth campaign, because we believe it gives everybody the opportunity to celebrate this great city of ours.

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in what’s wrong rather than stopping to consider the many reasons why it’s a brilliant place to live in, work in and visit.

We’re not trying to pretend it’s some sort of paradise. There are problems, as there are in any city. It’s right that we continue to be critical when necessary. But Passion for Portsmouth is all about accentuating the positive.

The city is in a great location, by the water’s edge and with an enviable seafront but with beautiful countryside close by and not far from London. It has a rich history, a harbour and a dockyard that is home to that illustrious trio of the Mary Rose, HMS Warrior and HMS Victory.

But Portsmouth is certainly not stuck in the past. Today’s Royal Navy continues to call the city home (and the new aircraft carriers are being part-built here), while a brand new ferry terminal welcomes and bids farewell to people passing through the gateway to Europe. And of course we have the iconic Spinnaker Tower looking down on bustling Gunwharf Quays.

City businesses lead the field in space-age technology, we have a football team known and loved around the world – and we mustn’t forget the university, a well-respected seat of learning as well as research.

The Portsmouth of 2011 is certainly a cosmopolitan place that has so many things going for it.

The Passion for Portsmouth campaign is supported by many of the big businesses and organisations across the city. But it will only be a sucess if you, the people, get behind it.

So please turn to page 13 – or go to our website – to fill out the survey telling us what you think the city’s best assets are and what could be done to make it even better.

From this week we will be highlighting just some of what makes Portsmouth great.

Because it’s definitely worth shouting about.