It’s time to stop pussyfooting

People are barred from the pier
People are barred from the pier
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I read with interest comments from The Watcher that appeared in The News on May 28, referring to an ‘offensive, arrogant, rude, nasty little balding, rotund man’ who ordered this person off South Parade Pier.

Is it the same person who, I’m told, has been telling visitors to the pier to go forth and multiply?

It’s time to stop pussyfooting on this issue.

I’m Portsmouth born-and-bred, proud of my city and its people.

It’s bad enough that locals and visitors are being barred from going on the pier.

But both seafront traders and myself are appalled at the language used when people are refused entry to the pier.

I understand one family of visitors wanted to know to whom they could report the incident, as they had never been spoken to like that in their lives. They said they would never come to Southsea again.

I’ve also been told about an elderly couple, who for years have returned to Southsea to celebrate their anniversary, enjoying a stroll along the pier.

After they were spoken to, they were so distraught they also felt they never wanted to return to Southsea again.

Folks, when I think someone is taking the proverbial piddle out of my city and its people, my newshoundess nostrils start to twitch.

The general public are not allowed on the pier because of health and safety issues.

But fishermen are allowed, if they pay £2.50 a day. I wonder who gets all those £2.50s?

One local told me last Sunday that Punk By The Sea 2012 is being held on the pier from June 14-17.

This is a massive event, with 75 bands over the four days. Hundreds will attend, paying what I’m told is between between £100 and £120 for tickets.

Are you thinking the same as me folks? Because it looks like health and safety fears only affect non-paying persons who would love a stroll along the pier.

Those that pay, well there seem to be no health and safety concerns for them. Hmmm.