It’s time to stop this pussyfooting

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Folks, my first reaction to The News headline on July 18 that said ‘Police urge cyclists to be more polite as crackdown starts’ was ‘what planet are you lot on?’

Portsmouth City Council and Mr Plod pussyfooting around yet again.

Because the result of the initial unannounced ‘zero tolerance’ police crackdown of stopping 66 cyclists on pavements was 25 given £30 fixed penalities and 41 given a reprimand.

Zero tolerance is not a ‘rap on the wrist ‘ reprimand.

If it’s kids under 16, a letter to their parents is not enough.

Speeding motorists get the option of points on their licence or a motoring course.

The same should apply to underage lawbreaking cyclists.

I’m sure Portsmouth Cycle Forum would be only too pleased to provide a cycling course to turn Pesky Pedal People (PPP) into polite cyclists.

And as for leaflets and postcards to ask cyclists to keep off pavements, are you nuts?

PPPs are determined to cycle on Pompey’s pavements, even when the roads are empty.

There isn’t, and never will be, anything polite about these cyclists.

They flout the law and don’t give a damn about the safety of pedestrians.

Boys in blue, you should have been with me on Tuesday between 3pm-6pm when I sat on the bench by the Rose Garden pedestrian crossing, with a clear view of the cycle path and promenade for about an hour.

There was a steady stream of polite cyclists on the cycle path and an equally steady flow of PPPs on the promenade.

It’s a joke.

Portsmouth City Council, you provided cyclists with a £138,000 cycle path and they still cycle on the promenade.

They’re making a laughing stock out of you.

And as for the police’s zero tolerance approach, please, on behalf of Pompey’s pedestrians, do it properly.

And finally....

Folks, don’t it, like, drive you like bonkers, like, when yoofs, like, put like inbetween, like, every other word, like. Aaargh!