It says more about voters than it does about Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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So Trump is in and Clinton is out.

What does it say, I wonder, about American women, if so many were willing to vote for a man who once suggested they should all be grabbed by their privates?

A man who also claimed that he finds his daughter so attractive that if he weren’t her father, he’d date her.

The election of Trump seems to say more about the people who voted for him than it does about the man himself. Insidious racism and sexism has been given an outlet in Trump and even women – who once were unable to vote – couldn’t help but revert to the stereotype they’ve allegedly battled against for centuries.

According to those who were asked, they voted for Trump because he is a businessman and they think he will sort the economy.

Firstly, whether he is a businessman or not, Clinton is a politician with substantially better relationships with world leaders than Trump has, whatever your personal opinions of her.

Also, anyone who became president would want to positively impact the economy, but Trump is also likely, given his infamous temperament, to want to use the big red button as a stress ball on occasion.

Fingers crossed someone on the inside has thought to give him one missing digit on the code.

And, finally, isn’t it astounding what people will overlook if they’ve been promised money?

In all avenues of life, people are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to obtain money, or use money as a weapon.

Money becomes a weapon and a bribe. People are willing to wield cash like a big carrot on a stick, or as the stick itself, because they think it’s the best way to beat the other person, with little thought of the fallout.

Trump has bribed America with promises that seem appealing to either greed, misogyny or racism and, despite the downside being his propensity to start WW3, America has fallen for it.

Not all Americans of course, for who has seen protests post-election on this scale?

So far 2016 has been one helluva year. Let’s buckle our seat belts for 2017.


Writing about Trump led me to thinking that, for some people in life, money really does make the world go round, doesn’t it?

We all need a certain amount of money to be comfortable.

Though you’d hope, that for most of us, health and happiness would be far ahead of cold cash – as long as you have enough to cover your actual needs and a certain expendable amount on top that enables you to enjoy your life.

Everybody needs money, but is there a set amount that you’d be happy with for life?

An amount that doesn’t cross over into greed and that allows you to live comfortably and not with an extravagance?

And, of course, are you willing to work for it?


My husband and I had an 18-hour delay on the way to New York, following a cancellation by BA.

It transpired that you are entitled to compensation when your flight is delayed, but this is governed entirely by EU legislation.

Subsequently, post-Brexit, what will eventually happen to this protection, and to others?

Will things like this be put in place before Brexit occurs to cover the thousands of people each year that such occurrences effect?

Or will the airlines simply rub their wings together and think of the squillions they’ll be saving?

To be honest, we’d rather have had the extra day in NYC, which leads us back to that tricky concept of cash and how politics affects us all.