It seems I’m a Care Bears fan

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If you’re not already a subscriber, you’ve probably heard of the online streaming service called Netflix.

For a monthly fee you get to watch a sizeable chunk of television shows and movies on your laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.

I like this new way to watch TV, where I decide what and when to watch, instead of my viewing being dictated by the TV schedulers.

It also means you’re not left with that cliffhanger for seven days as you can see the next episode of your favourite show straight away, although you can become so engrossed in a storyline that before you know it, it’s midnight and you’ve watched 10 episodes.

My favourite feature of Netflix is where it suggests TV shows and movies you’ll like based on what you’ve already watched.

It appears I’m not the only one in my house who enjoys the service as is evident in the suggestions list.

Netflix thinks I’ll enjoy titles such as Disney’s Tinkerbell, Barbie – Life in a Dreamhouse and The Care Bears. I won’t enjoy them, but I know two little girls who will.