It's time we thought more about need for recycling

In such a densely-populated place as Portsmouth, how our rubbish is dealt with is always going to be a talking point.

Thursday, 26th January 2017, 6:01 am

The introduction of wheelie bins in some areas is not a concept that would be alien to most of us, although we might be a little less familiar with the idea of seagull-proof sacks being handed out for household waste in other parts of the city.

But as we’re by the sea, it’s not surprising that we’re home to thousands of these birds.

Such sacks are already commonplace in other areas such as Brighton and Thanet and now Portsmouth City Council’s new scheme is looking to replicate their success.

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Councillor Rob New states on page six that the scheme to promote recycling will be handled differently in each area of the city.

When you look at the differences between the wide streets of Paulsgrove and the narrow routes of North End, you see that makes sense.

Our city is like a jigsaw and each area has its own geography and character.

In some areas, wheelie bins simply wouldn’t work because there isn’t enough room.

The scheme has not been without its critics during a trial period and we hope that people will come to see it’s a sensible idea.

The city has one of the worst recycling rates in England and it really is about time we took more responsibility for what we’re throwing away.

Like you, here at The News we’re immensely proud of our city and care about its appearance and our environment.

Therefore, any solution to managing our waste should be welcomed.

We urge everybody in the city to start thinking about the importance of recycling.

And we ask those who are being given bins or sacks to please use them.