Jamie’s campaign may lead to sweet success

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I’m sure we all could argue the importance of having a balanced diet even though numerous people don’t choose to follow it.

Many of us consume too many fats, sugars or salts. The list is just endless. It could be argued that we live in a diet-driven world.

Millions across the globe wish to be like certain individuals by looking, and often feeling, a particular way. And as a result of this they consume themselves in diet after diet in the hope they will be like whoever they desire.

But often this idolising is just unrealistic and some will never get there regardless of what they eat. Nevertheless we will always be bombarded with numerous diets which are selling themselves to be the best one to take.

Of course it’s sensible not to continuously eat fat but are half the diets we follow actually beneficial?

Jamie Oliver has been a controversial chef with regards changes in food. Several years ago he campaigned to ban unhealthy foods in school. The campaigning resulted in a change of school menus and today the legacy of that fight means that schoolchildren receive a balanced and nutritional meal.

I remember when I ate school dinners we had pizza, hot dogs, smiley faces, chips and tinned spaghetti. I imagine schools wouldn’t even dream of dishing these foods up today.

It’s crazy to think so many were against the proposed changes but today we see they have had a big impact. I wouldn’t even wish to imagine how many more children would be obese today if the change was not introduced.

One ingredient we all enjoy and have far too much of is sugar.

Glucose is in everything we eat; chocolate bars, sweets and hundreds of drinks. Natural sugars aren’t too damaging as artificial sugar but even though, they should be taken sensibly.

In the recent week we have seen the celebrity chef challenge the prime minister on the importance of taxing sugary drinks.

Jamie argues adding a tax to the sugary drinks we sell would slash the number of those obese over a period of time. Again, another controversial topic, where many would argue they can drink what they wish because it is their choice.

But it is just too easy to buy unhealthy foods compared to the healthier options. This is because the unhealthy selections are incredibly cheaper than the fruit and veg we seem to be welcomed by in the majority of supermarkets.

A tax on sugary drinks could possibly discourage people from buying them. I guess we won’t fully see a difference for many years to come.