Janet was probably relieved to be out

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None of the contestants want to fall at the final hurdle, so they are pulling out all of the stops to remain in the show.

Misha was a phenomenal last week. She has come back fighting week after week and she is clearly the most passionate about wanting to stay in the contest. Her urban version of Girls Just Want to Have Fun was great and she looked so much happier in her comfort zone. We don’t think she’ll win the competition, but if she signs to the right record label, she will be a global success.

We don’t think that there is much of an excuse for forgetting your lyrics when you only have to learn two short songs and Janet didn’t seem that dedicated to The X Factor. She was probably actually quite relived to be out. She’ll come back with a quirky, self-penned album next year and have the career that she dreams of.

It is clear that Tulisa has been the most ‘hands-on’ judge. We think she genuinely cares for her act Little Mix and you can see that she is working extremely hard on them. They gave a masterclass in choosing the perfect songs for their audience last week. The younger generation are backing them, so choosing a Justin Bieber song alongside a big ballad about having confidence in yourself was a winning formula. A big thumbs up for Tulisa’s ‘Little Muffins’!

Marcus has had a few weeks of singing up-tempo songs and has found that style really suits him but he wanted to show that he has a voice that is just as strong as his performance skills. It is a bit of a risk to sing a Stevie Wonder classic, but he totally nailed it. Is there anything that this boy can’t do?

We can’t help but agree with Gary that Amelia’s songs always seem a little too high for her. When you are in the show you get to rehearse before your backing tracks are made, so we can’t see why she wouldn’t choose a key that is more comfortable for her. We hope that Kelly notices this and makes better choices before it’s too late.

This week is the semi final and we know it’s going to be the biggest extravaganza yet.

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