Jez: I reckon it’s time we had The Great British Valet on TV

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I’ve enjoyed watching various celebrities taking part in winter sporting challenges on The Jump.

I was very impressed with Louie Spence, who showed incredible bravery when he took part in the luge, beating rugby player Mike Tindall and reaching speeds in excess of 70mph as he travelled head-first on what looked like a kitchen tray.

There are so many of these reality-type shows on now. As Louie pointed out, they all seem to start with ‘The Great British …’ or just ‘The …’

Well, I’ve come up with the idea of The Great British Valet. Contestants must valet identical cars and whoever wins will go through to the next round, where they will have to valet a larger vehicle.

I’m sure the Saturday night viewing figures would show a healthy increase.