Jez: I think Erin has confused me with a lottery winner

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I ’ve mentioned before that I’m a fairly cold person and find public displays of affection a tad embarrassing.

Occasionally though, my heart does melt and that happened the other day when I saw my seven-year-old daughter Erin’s Christmas list on the dining room table.

The scruffy handwriting and the spelling mistakes were so cute. My favourites were the Catgirl costume which was spelt ‘coshtoom’ and ‘gimnastix leartart’, which should have said gymnastics leotard.

The only thing spelt correctly was iPod, the most expensive item on the list.

My laughter was short-lived when I realised her list, which contained almost 20 items, was going to cost an absolute fortune. I think Erin may have confused me with a lottery winner.