Jez on Lou....

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COMMENT: A business community that is simply the best

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Lou is a bit of a boffin – she studied Russian and East European civilisations at university!

She’s also a passionate veggie and often tells me how halloumi works just as well as a burger on a BBQ. Rubbish!

She’s very thrifty and can turn one aubergine into three evening dinners! But sadly with all the money Lou saves she doesn’t seem to visit the cinema much – she’s never seen Dirty Dancing, Top Gun or Pretty Woman!

Lou’s not a fan of the beach, she’s a proper country bumpkin and prefers a spot of tree climbing to lazing in the sand.

She even says the smell of a freshly-fertilised field is invigorating!

She’s also not the greatest driver.

One memorable morning she stalled her car six times at the traffic lights.

Also when test driving an automatic car, Lou asked which pedal was which!