Jez: please excuse me, I’ve got grit in my eye... again

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NEWS COMMENT: A move in the right direction but still not a win for all

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Afew years ago I never cried. I didn’t even cry when my kids were born. Recently though I’ve become a proper cry baby.

A few months ago I was the only family member to burst into tears when we left our house in Swindon and moved to Fareham. As I handed over the keys I was a mess yet my wife and kids were not bothered.

Last week on the final day of my Cornish holiday I watched my seven-year-old daughter say farewell to her little holiday friend Virginia. The girls had been inseparable and it broke my heart watching them hug and say goodbye. As I watched I started welling up again.

Then the other day my kids watched Marley and Me and I cried at the final scene. Maybe I’m becoming more sensitive in my old age.