Jez: So I’ll be in an inflatable vessel with a fishing hook...

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The other week I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon kayaking in the Solent just off Stokes Bay.

My brother-in-law has two kayaks which he often uses for fishing – apparently you can’t beat the taste of freshly-caught mackerel.

I absolutely loved it and got a superb view of the Oriana cruise ship, but sadly the fish weren’t co-operating so I didn’t actually get to sample fresh mackerel.

I’ve been totally bitten by the bug and decided to buy myself a kayak. The only problem is I hadn’t realised how expensive everything is.

The kayak is around £400, then there’s the life jackets and car roof rack.

So I got an inflatable dinghy for £14.99! This summer I’ll be in an inflatable vessel with a sharp fishing hook...