Joining queue for loo

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ZELLA COMPTON: Men – educate yourselves about what feminism really is. Stop being so frightened.

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You know how if you’re in a queue for something with a friend or a partner and they have to nip off, you hold their place in the queue?

Well, my mate had the most uncomfortable experience at a gig recently.

His girlfriend was in the queue for the loo, but then she got an urgent call and had to take it somewhere a bit more private, so she asked him to hold her place.

He said he’d never felt more foolish in all his life, because people were looking at him thinking he was really odd.

What I’d like to know is, if he’d reached the front of the queue and she hadn’t come back, would he have been within his rights to go into the loo, sit in a cubicle and hold it for his girlfriend?

Because he was within about a minute of that happening and he was really starting to sweat!