Jon’s death has forced me to scrutinise my own life

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I’m sure no one enjoys going to a funeral. Such sad occasions, but uplifting when you hear the wonderful eulogies to the people we are saying our final goodbyes too.

Last week I went to the worst kind of funeral, one that really should not be happening. The funeral of someone your own age.

It was also an event that has made me look closer at my own life.

If I died tomorrow, have I lived the fullest, best life I could?

I think the answer is no.

You may have seen his picture recently in The News; you may have seen his smiling face appear on the big screens at Fratton Park, you may even know him.

Judging by the queue of traffic waiting to get into The Oaks Havant Crematorium, you probably did.

We had to park on the main road and walk up. Many of us stood out in the rain.

I worked with Jon Hankey at Power FM.

We were all very intrigued by the fact a former Royal Marine was joining the ranks as a salesman, especially the female staff!

Jon really was a larger than life character.

Those old clichés about living for today and always smiling were actually so true of Jon.

We played football together. and he was the kind of man who if he had your back, you felt safe.

The team always had a good laugh and this was usually down to Jon.

My favourite story, that sums the man up perfectly, involves the Great South Run.

Jon set a challenge to ‘Maximum Bob’, who hosted the breakfast show with me at the time. Bob was a tall, lean guy who had run a couple of marathons.

Bob took up the challenge and trained for the big day.

Jon turned up on the Sunday morning blisteringly hung-over, smoking a cigarette, Bob dressed in Lycra. Jon went on to beat Bob, who proceeded to throw up trying to keep up. After the race, Jon went to the pub.

The death of Jon has made me look closer at how I live my life.

Do we live for today?