Juicy strawberries revealed in my overgrown new garden

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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Tackling my new garden was top of the agenda last weekend.

It doesn’t appear to have had much love from the previous owner.

The grass was about 10 inches high and without a mower I had to resort to using a pair of scissors. Fortunately my garden isn’t very big!

Whilst I was carrying out this task, I glimpsed what appeared to be shining rubies nestling amongst the weeds.

But on closer inspection they were not jewels but plump, juicy strawberries ripened by the sunshine. The garden was so overgrown that they’d been hidden.

This year looks to be a vintage one for strawbs. So even though Wimbledon is now over for another year, we can still enjoy a lovely bowl of strawberries and cream.