Jump down off those high horses and check the facts

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The ‘trendy’ crowd have been getting their tight jeans in a twist again, this time over what’s been happening with 6oz Burgers in Osborne Road, Southsea.

The restaurant’s owners have been slapped with a hygiene emergency prohibition order, which prevents them from selling pink burgers because the city council believes it puts the public at risk.

Just because it’s a popular venue for the Southsea crowd doesn’t mean they’re above food safety regulations

Now after spending around £100,000 on legal fees, the two men who run the restaurant are uncertain if they can carry on as they may also have to pay the city council’s legal fees, understood to be £25,000.

A court case heard that a Food Standards Agency advisory notice to councils said food business operators should cook a burger at 70 degrees centigrade for two minutes.

If they didn’t, then the customers must be told and the business must document its process, including details of how the mince was sourced.

It was this lack of paperwork which could prove in detail the supply chain of the meat that was the crux of the case.

So why are people up in arms about the 6oz Burger people losing their fight?

They say the council should be supporting local businesses. But just because it’s a popular venue for the Southsea crowd doesn’t mean they’re above food safety regulations.

Some are asking where’s the consistency when they claim other local eating establishments are serving pink burgers.

Well, have they stopped to consider that maybe that’s because they have the right paperwork?

The council has to follow rules set out by the FSA, otherwise it’s opening itself up to a whole world of trouble if somebody becomes unwell as a result of eating an undercooked burger.

I can entirely understand why the council wants its £25,000 back. Remember, that’s taxpayers’ money.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no health and safety Nazi who sleeps in a hi-vis.

But all businesses have to adhere to all manner of rules and regulations, however inconvenient they may be.

I think people need to jump down off their high horses and actually consider the facts.