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Ya crowdin’ me chakras, man’.

Said in a Manchester accent, it sounds even funnier folks.

When I heard it on the gogglebox I nearly fell off my pink Parker Knoll.

I don’t usually tune into Channel 4’s Shameless, as it’s rather raunchy for me darlings.

But last Tuesday I was fed up, feet up and resting after having my pelvis clunk-clicked, so I wanted something to giggle at.

Well I certainly did that. The character Kelly-Marie , a pregnant ex-call girl, was at the antenatal clinic where the instructor was getting right in her face.

So she came out with ‘ya crowdin’ me chakras, man.’

What a scream. Spookily, the next day I was reading an article about personal space being invaded.

It appears that Bournemouth councillor Robert Lawton (in his 60s), had come up behind council worker and mother-of-two Sarah Wraight (in her 30s) and placed a hand on each of her shoulders.

Cllr Lawton was ordered to undergo equality and diversity training and apologise to her.

He argued that, as he was a northerner, it was just a friendly gesture. But he admitted his actions were wrong and said he tried to contact her the next day to say sorry.

Mrs Wraight said it was important to send out ‘a clear message that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated’.

So what do you think folks? Should Cllr Lawton have been punished? Or was Mrs Wraight overly sensitive ?

All I know is that, in this politically-correct age, a silly comment or a hand on an arm may send the wrong signals to a woman.

You could be accused of improper conduct in the workplace and possibly even sacked.

Couldn’t happen? Oh yes it can. Years ago I knew a man who I know was innocent.

But his ‘friendliness’ was misinterpreted by the woman involved and he lost his job.

So, a word of warning to you fellas who think you’re just being friendly.

Don’t go crowdin’ other people’s chakras, right?