Just imagine if BA painted a Union Flag on the Eiffel Tower

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You’re probably sick of hearing about the Spinnaker Tower changing colour by now, but for me this has been priceless material

Wave 105 is a regional radio station, covering areas from Dorchester to Littlehampton and up to Andover, so I have to be careful not to be too place-specific for too long.

The Spinnaker Tower is as important an icon to us as the Eiffel Tower is to the people of Paris

But I knew I didn’t have a problem with this subject when a lady from Bournemouth rang my show to say that even she knew painting the tower red and white would not be a good idea.

Many of the comments I received outside of both Portsmouth and Southampton were from people who didn’t understand why this issue should revolve around football, as not everyone cares about the game.

True, but it’s also about pride and living with something every day.

With more than 10,000 people signing the petition to say they are unhappy, you can quadruple the amount of people that would be affected in some way by it.

Family and friends of those 10,000 would also know what a negative effect a red-and-white colour scheme would have on the people of the city.

The Spinnaker Tower is as important an icon to us as the Eiffel Tower is to the people of Paris.

Imagine if British Airways sponsored it and painted the Union Flag on it!

To rebalance the argument, I asked my listeners what’s blue in Southampton? Well for a start, the street lights on the Itchen Bridge are blue.

One of the major bus companies in the city is called Bluestar and its vehicles are all blue.

A lady in Woolston informed me the sky in Southampton is also blue.

Sadly that night, we had a beautiful sunset in Portsmouth, which was a shade of red.

People power really did shine and quite rightly, Portsmouth City Council and sponsors Emirates have decided to ask us what colour scheme we’d like.

For me, keep the red legs or socks for the company logo, but have a white middle and a navy blue top.

That way, we’ll have something for the sponsor and something for the city. Then everyone’s a winner!