Just take a moment to think as your park you car

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Parking is an issue people get worked up about. Whether it’s not having a space by your home or the introduction of residents-only permits, it gets people riled.

But our report on pages 12 and 13 today puts a different perspective on the issue.

Everyone knows that Portsmouth’s a densely-populated city with a large number of relatively narrow streets.

But what residents might not have thought about is how their parking could impact on the emergency services.

And it couldn’t be more clearly illustrated than in the picture with our report.

Firefighters are now going out to shame poor parkers by putting a note on their car.

And why? Because they’re finding it harder and harder to safely navigate their way around the city to potentially life-and-death situations.

As group manager for Cosham and Southsea fire stations David Smith says, ‘sometimes we have to park at the end of the road and run hose reels down, which adds extra minutes’.

It’s hard to imagine a worse situation if your home’s on fire and you desperately need help, than to find the firefighters have had to stop not outside your house, but down the street.

And all because some drivers can’t be bothered to park in a considerate way.

In this case, drivers need to take responsibility for their actions.

And if they don’t, they must be prepared to pay the price, which could be losing a bumper as a fire engine squeezes through.

To tackle the problem, the city council is looking at bringing in double yellow lines to guarantee the space a fire engine needs to turn. And that can only be a good thing.

Yes, we know some of the street with parking on both sides are always going to be a challenge.

But that doesn’t mean drivers shouldn’t spare a thought for fire engines as they pull up to park

One day it could be them dialling 999.