Justin Timberlake buys shares in flagging social networking site

Surely, holding a door open for a member of either sex is just good manners?

LESLEY KEATING: Would you dare hold a door open for a woman?

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Paul Rodgers has stepped in to help save hundreds of animals at a struggling sanctuary in Scotland after donations dwindled in recent years.

The All Right Now singer, who has fronted Queen after the death of Freddie Mercury, was left moved after hearing bosses at The Willows Animal Sanctuary in Aberdeenshire are struggling to cover costs in the current tough economic climate.

Kelly Rowland has revealed that she plans to include tracks from her entire back catalogue, including Destiny’s Child, for her 2012 shows. The singer is currently booked to headline a handful of dates in Australia, but intends to embark on a full world tour later in the year.

Justin Timberlake has announced his big plans to revitalise flagging social networking site MySpace.com by turning it into an interactive TV service. He bought a huge share of the site, which has struggled to maintain as many users as its major rival, Facebook.

Cher Lloyd has apparently got engaged to her hairdresser boyfriend Craig Monk. This sounds nice for her, but in reality, there must be plus and minus points if you have a hairdresser for a partner.

Here are a couple of the plus points:

Obviously, if you’re a woman starting the day with ‘Bed Hair’, they can sort it out for you in a couple of minutes – though if you’re a man, you won’t actually care or want them to. They’ll have an endless supply of hair care products that you can borrow – and hopefully won’t charge you 20 pounds a time for a tub of the stuff!

And the minus points:

The only thing you’ll ever talk about is where you’re going on holiday that year. And, if you ever row, they own a lot of very sharp scissors, so watch out!

A Kate Bush fan has been deported from Britain after he allegedly broke into the star’s home planning to propose to her. American Frank Tufaro flew to the UK last year and was carrying a diamond engagement ring when he allegedly broke a window and entered the singer’s country mansion in Devon.

And finally, Adele is expected to make her live performance comeback at next month’s Grammy Awards. The singer has been unable to sing live over the past few months after undergoing emergency microsurgery on her throat to stop recurrent vocal cord haemorrhage from a benign polyp.

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