Keeping warm with woollies

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Last week I was feeling in a money saving kind of mood.

This was brought on by an e-mail from our gas supplier saying we’re using more gas than was predicted and our direct debit would have to increase to cover the cost.

I must admit, the central heating has been on a lot recently.

But with freezing temperatures outside and snow reaching Portsmouth it’s important to keep myself and my family warm.

So, I set myself a challenge last week. I wondered if it would be possible to go for a whole day without the radiators throughout the house getting hot.

This meant finding other methods to stay warm.

The start of the day was fine, we all had a hot bath which warmed us up, and then it was all about layers.

Wearing two jumpers at the same time is great but toasty warm it isn’t and after just two hours my mission had failed miserably.

Anyway, the layers thing would never have worked as I found trying to keep a warm woolly hat on a one-year-old is impossible.