Kids need lots of entertaining

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We’ve had our first ‘I’m booooored’ of the summer holidays and, even though I was prepared for it, it still wound me up a treat.

Were we as entertainment-dependent as this generation?

Molly is five and is into everything – books, trampoline, bikes, dancing, wrestling. The list is endless.

The only problem is, each activity tends to last for about five to six minutes and generates more energy and enthusiasm for the next.

I do understand it, she’s five and wants to play all the time, but I’m old and cantankerous.

Summertime entertainment is cyclonic in its very nature. The more you feed the energy-consuming beast, the larger its appetite for fun becomes.

By tea-time she’s bouncing the Space Hopper on the trampoline, using the skipping rope as a lasso on her brother, whilst eating biscuits and singing – and that still isn’t stimulating enough.

I’d like to see how she would have got on in 1978. I spent a whole summer making a raft for Action Man from ice lolly sticks I found in the gutter – it was only the lame jokes that kept me sane.