Kids put trust in pretty faces

Eve Myles stars in the new BBC series Keeping Faith'  Picture: BBC Wales

SEAN BLACKMAN: Keeping the faith

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Yes, more research, this time from Harvard University in the US.

When four and five-year-old children, boys and girls, were shown photos of attractive and unattractive women, they tended to believe what the ‘pretty ladies’ answered.

These results were published in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology, where Dr
Bascandziev says: ‘Children, and especially girls, have more trust in an 
attractive face, even though there are no obvious reasons why.’

Methinks possibly this generation, even the 
youngsters, are bombarded with ‘beautiful equals 

A pretty woman would have the right answers.

So ladies, hubby’s not fussed on you flashing the flab, the kids don’t trust what you say due to a few facial wrinkles.

So what’s a gal to do?