KIERAN HOWARD: As our broods grow Nanna may run out of limbs to tattoo the grandchildren’s’ names on

Nanna has had her first tattoo - Louie's name and date of birth on her wrist (File image)
Nanna has had her first tattoo - Louie's name and date of birth on her wrist (File image)
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Nanna’s got her first tattoo.

She plumped for Louie’s name and date of birth on her wrist.

I have to say I’ve always been a little dubious about body art.

I’ve not yet got any myself and I was a little sceptical before seeing this one for the first time.

But I was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out.

My expectation levels have been raised considerably.

Thankfully the details are all correct too.

I guess that’s the very least you expect when you’re being marked for life.

You can get away with a slight error on a form, but you don’t want to end up on Channel Four’s Tattoo Fixers after your first inking.

Mind you, Nanna’s set a dangerous precedent in getting one at all.

Louie’s her first grandchild, you see, and she’s also got a son who may add to the family in the not-too-distant future.

I think panic has set in as to how many grandchildren she has and tattoos she might end up with.

She’s also slightly concerned that she may run out of limbs on which to put them all.

We’ve assured her that we won’t cause her too much more pain, although we do feel a place on her skin should also be found for her two grand-dogs.

We haven’t jokingly suggested that to her yet though. I don’t think she’d find it funny.

Let’s just hope Louie never changes his name in the future.

If he does, he may well find himself off Nanna’s Christmas card list.

Seeing the tattoo has made me consider, and I stress only consider, getting one of my own at some point.

I’ve discussed it with colleagues and a couple of them suggested that I get one of his face drawn on me.

Now, I do love him, but that sounds way too intricate, painful and expensive for my liking.

Not only that, but you’d really need to choose your artist wisely for that sort of mammoth task.

You wouldn’t want to just select the first one you came across in the Yellow Pages.

And I certainly wouldn’t want to end up with a tattoo which looked more like Louis Walsh than our Louie. No disrespect to the X Factor judge there. So, maybe I‘ll just get a temporary transfer of him that I can wash off again.


I’ve somehow managed to secure Louie his first replica football kit.

It’s taken 19 months, but I’ve finally achieved my aim and successfully convinced the boss (his mum).

I should start by confessing it is a Saints strip.

I had to reveal my allegiance to you at some point. Don’t hate me for it.

I’m Gosport born-and-bred but, for various reasons, have always followed ‘that other lot down the M27. ‘

And didn’t I suffer for that when I was at school.

My mates constantly reminded me that they felt I’d made the wrong choice in life.

I still have a few friends and family who follow Pompey though, so no doubt Louie will one day end up with a blue shirt as well, just to spite me.

Anyway we took a trip to West Quay last week in order to make the ultimate purchase.

The Saints Store is like Disney World to me, there’s something magical about it. I’m sure it’s the same for every fan when they visit their club’s shop.

The kit, with his name and a number, came to £56 – worth every penny in my opinion.

Even the boss agreed.