Louie's experienced his first snow and it was almost enough to bury him up to his waist.

Monday, 18th December 2017, 8:35 pm
Louie experienced his first taste of snow - and he loved it

As you’ve probably guessed, this first encounter with it didn’t occur in Gosport.

We barely know what the white stuff is down here.

Hampshire was about the only county not to see any flakes during the recent wintry weather.

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If the little man waited for some down here, he’d probably be 22 before he eventually saw some.

Thank goodness then for grandparents in more snowprone areas of the country.

His first sight and feel of it, in just his third winter, came in Bedfordshire.

It’s only a two-hour drive away, but they had a real deluge.

Back here, all we had to contend with was heavy rain and high winds.

Now where’s the justice in that?

I know I’m an adult, but I do love having the opportunity to chuck a few snowballs at least once a decade.

Anyway, Louie pulled back the blinds at Nanna’s that morning to view a garden transformed into a scene resembling Narnia.

Confused, you could see him trying to figure out where the grass had gone.

He was excited though and already loves the cold, white carpet as much as I do.

I hope you and your families all have a wonderful Christmas.


Only Louie could sleep through a car crash.

I already knew this boy could snooze his way through virtually anything, including thunder, fireworks and smoke alarms, but not two cars colliding.

How he could snore his way through that is beyond me.

That’s quite some deep sleep he must have been in.

And to think I used to tip-toe around the house in case I woke him.

I certainly won’t be making that mistake anymore.

If a road accident didn’t succeed in waking him, then creaking floorboards certainly shouldn’t be startling him.

His subconscious must have thought the loud, deafening impact was simply a toy dropping to the floor or the radio being turned up.

I can’t think of any other explanation for it.

I’m still not entirely sure he even knows Mummy was involved in a crash.

He must have just thought she’d randomly decided to park on the roundabout in lieu of anywhere else to pull up.

The relatively minor collision, albeit fairly worrying at the same time, occurred in St Albans.

It was while Kerrie and Louie where visiting Nanna Luton.

Kerrie will go to quite extraordinary lengths to provide me with enough material for this column.

Thank you to her for sacrificing our vehicle just in the name of a few extra column inches.

I say it was minor, but our car couldn’t be driven, so it had to be recovered by the police.

It’s fair to say that our Percy the Peugeot is now in a slightly sorry state.

He’s definitely had better days.

He’s now spending a few weeks in a workshop in Park Gate.

He’ll probably feel a lot safer there, until he realises he still belongs to us that is.

We’re hoping he’ll be back with us in time for Christmas, so he can sit back in his little parking bay, outside in the wind and rain.

Now, that’ll be some welcome home for him after a fairly traumatic bumper car ordeal.

We’ve got a hire car in the meantime.

It’s another Peugeot.

I’ve not given it a name, as a mark of respect to poor Percy.

Thankfully our June World Cup baby, Louie, Kerrie, Nanna, great aunty Heather and uncle Stuart were all unharmed in the incident, as was the other driver.

That’s all that matters.

After all – vehicles can be repaired, but people, not so easily.

Please do pray for Percy.