Kindness is all around us if you know where to look

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If ever you were in doubt about the fundamental kindness of human nature, then take a good look at The News today.

First of all, there’s the Ruby Ride, which raised money for The Rowans Hospice in Purbrook.

Now anyone who looked out of the window yesterday will know it wasn’t exactly ideal weather for cycling.

But that didn’t stop an astonishing 500 people, including 65 who turned up on the day, braving the elements for a good cause.

Then there’s Heart of the Community, that today features an art club that’s thriving after over 20 years.

And on top of that, there’s the 20 groups that have made it through to the final of out £250,000 lottery cash giveaway.

Take a moment to read pages eight and nine and you’ll find something to make us all proud.

From the team behind regenerating Wymering Manor, to football teams, to toy libraries to support groups, there will be very few of you reading this that are not touched, one way or another by one of these organisations and the fantastic work they do across our communities.

So please take a moment. In a world where too often it’s the negative that gets the most coverage, here are just some examples of people willing to go the extra miles for the community.

And we salute them.

The News reports week-in week-out on these people.

But sometimes it’s important to bring the work they do to the fore. And in relation to the £250,000 giveaway, you can get involved too.

Yes, it would be a hard choice, but please place a vote.

It could be the one that makes all the difference.

And remember next time it feels like there’s nothing positive happening around the area, that whether it’s fundraising bike rides, coffee mornings or community groups, there’s always someone helping – a sentiment we could all learn from.