Knowledge is highly important

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Sam Poole

Young people are learning in quite literally every area of their life.

Through the knowledge you gain, you can do great things

From the people we meet to the things we do, we will always gain something.

Each person you encounter will have their own influence on your life, whether that be positive or negative.

It’s so important that we have an awareness of how ourselves and others develop and adapt to a lifestyle that suits us.

There is ample opportunity for us to take in what is happening around us and we should take advantage of that as it contributes to what we know.

The saying ‘you learn something new every day’ is spot on. We really do learn something new and should use that information to build on what we already know.

I believe that knowledge is highly important and that it is substantially more powerful than understanding.

If you have knowledge, then confidence and power come with it.

With greater knowledge there will be more recognition of what you have to say.

Therefore you can speak positively to those who will be encouraged by it.

I feel that the confidence and power released through your knowledge can positively change your life and influence others.

As for understanding, you’re only affecting yourself and there are limitations in what you can do.

In whatever you do and say, remember to be wise and don’t allow any negativity to interrupt that process of learning.

Through the knowledge you gain, you can do great things.

Do remember not to allow what you know to dominate your personality as this may lead to unwelcome opinions.

I’ve met two different types of knowledgable people.

There are those who are very intelligent and use that intelligence wisely to support others.

And I’ve met incredibly brainy people who only use what they know for themselves and nobody else.

As young people we should continuously strive to be knowledgable and intelligent, although we need to be considerate about how we then use that knowledge and intelligence.