Labelling orange fruits in this way is quite frankly Pointless

Inspiration: Madeleine Shaw

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Has anyone else been annoyed by this?

It used to be that when you went to the fresh fruit section of your local supermarket at this time of year, you would get satsumas, tangerines, clementines and oranges all in different sections and all obviously different.

However, it now seems really hard to find the different types of orange-coloured fruit because they’ve been replaced by things labelled ‘easy-peelers’.

They are not called satsuma or anything else; they are just called easy-peelers, like the easy-peeler is an actual fruit! Why are they doing this?

I buy satsumas because they’re easy to peel and I know they’re easy to peel. I don’t want a fruit’s name to be the description of what it’s like.

Except in the case of the orange, which is orange! You don’t get spuds called easy-peelers do you?

They’re called King 
Edwards or Maris Pipers, 
so stop calling small orange fruits ‘easy-peelers’ please.

Apart from anything else, it’s a bad description because let’s face it, they’re usually not easy-peelers at all.

I was watching an episode of Pointless the other day and they had a team of two blokes in their early 50s, and they managed to get a ‘Pointless’ answer to one of the questions.

To celebrate they decided it would be a good idea to high-five each other. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen something that looked so wrong.

People that age should not high-five. I want a campaign brought in where we aim to put an age limit on high-fiving. I reckon 35 is the absolute limit.

While we’re at it, you shouldn’t be allowed to rub your chin in deep thought if you’re under the age of 45.