Lady Gaga, ghosthunters and listening to loud Kitty

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I’ve been filming a programme about Lady Gaga this week, which required a series of interviews in London with showbiz and media types giving their opinions on the pop star.

I learned quite a few interesting things on the shoot, one being that Gaga allegedly hires ghosthunters at a cost of £30,000 per week to scour her hotel rooms and concert venues for anything ‘spooky’ and ‘unwanted’ so that they can get rid of it before she arrives.

I’ve heard of celebrities doing some unusual things, like insisting on water that has to be an exact temperature, or wanting specific flowers that have to be flown in from Africa.

I’ve even heard that some celebs (the name Whitney Houston was mentioned) had to have a room painted a particular colour otherwise they’d refuse to do a gig.

But hiring ghosthunters is not something I’ve ever come across before, other than in the classic film Ghostbusters.

During the shoot I also learned that her peers consider Gaga as a genuine and credible talent.

She was compared to Madonna by pretty much every person we interviewed.

Sinitta was hosting and conducting the interviews, so I took the backstage role as associate producer. I thought I’d let her have this one.

Actually it was quite nice bossing a crew around for the day. Funnily enough, I found I was quite good at it!

During filming I got to meet Kitty Brucknell from The X Factor. We interviewed her because her biggest idol – and her reason for going on the show – is Gaga.

She proceeded to do her Born This Way rendition to a silent room full of production crew, assistants and producers.

I’ll give her one thing – she’s definitely got guts that girl.

It didn’t phase her at all to just stand there and belt out the number. I swear that at one point I saw bits of plaster breaking away from the ceiling.

I can now confirm that Kitty has got one very loud and powerful voice.

If I’m honest, she was a little OTT about getting her ‘look’ perfect for the interview.

But a nice enough girl and exactly how you’d imagine her to be after watching her on telly.