Laughs and tears with Looby Loo

Looby Loo - No Strings Attached by New Apollo Theatre Company
Looby Loo - No Strings Attached by New Apollo Theatre Company
Picture: Ian Hargreaves

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Are you sitting comfortably children? Then I’ll begin.

Today we’re having a story about dust bunnies and bunny wabbit’s ears. Oh sorry folks, I’m still in Watch With Mother mode.

Last Saturday I thoroughly enjoyed the New Apollo Theatre Company’s Looby Loo – No Strings Attached, performed at The Florence Arms in Southsea.

Andy Pandy, Looby Loo and Teddy had lost their puppet strings and were now adults.

I knew from the start when Looby’s right hand appeared from behind the armchair clutching a beer can that this was going to be a deliciously naughty performance.

Well, there were a lot of laughs but a few tears as well. It was brill.

Anyway, back to dust bunnies.

We seem, as a nation, to be fascinated by other people’s dust, grot and grime.

We avidly watch TV programmes like How Clean Is Your House? and shows on grimebusters, rats, drains and filthy cities. Maybe we need to consult a disgustologist.

Eee, what’s one of them you ask? Well I was reading about a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania,which is a pioneer of disgust research (yes!).

It appears disgust at other people’s yukky habits and homes, from nosepicking to grimy lavs, is good for us. That’s because it sends us scurrying to scrub our hands to wash the grot away.

And the delightful News columnist Sarah Foster. On Monday she despaired at her hubby’s inability to change a duvet cover.

Sarah, I’ll let you into sisterhood secret no 367. Duvet changing for men? Make it fun.

When ex-hubby the Geordie Gent and I changed the bedding, we laid the duvet flat on the bed.

Then we opened the duvet cover at the bottom, pushed left and right duvet corners into corresponding duvet cover corners, clamped about six inches of material in our hands and waved, shrieking with delight ‘bunny wabbit ears”.

Then we lifted the whole lot by the ‘ears’ and the duvet cover rolled over the duvet. Sorted.