Laurie’s lovely, but could he really have been first choice?

COMMENT: Attraction will capitalise on the riches in our midst

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You can just picture the conversation.

The bright spark from cosmetics giant L’Oreal says: ‘Hey everyone, we’ve cracked the female market, it’s time to make blokes think it’s OK to wear guy-liner.

‘What we need is someone fresh-faced, beautiful and Adonis-like. What’s that? George Clooney’s not available you say? I’ve got just the man for the job.’

And so that’s how grumpy-looking, bearded Hugh Laurie must have got signed up to be the firm’s new male ambassador.

I know Laurie’s a comedian – but is L’Oreal in on the joke? He’s got a lovely face but it doesn’t scream out ‘this man wears make-up’ at you.

Getting him to advertise wrinkle cream or razors, I understand. But concealer? You’re having a laugh.