LAWRENCE MURPHY: A worthy alternative to roasties?

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The wonderful knobbly vegetables are appearing in our greengrocers, and as the temperature drops to freezing these strange looking tubers become sweeter to eat.

Sometimes I buy ingredients without knowing what I’m going to cook and Jerusalem artichokes are often bought in large quantities because I just love their flavour.

The most wonderful soup that you can have in autumn is easily prepared with Jerusalem artichokes, onion, leek and a good splash of cream. Serve it with some croutons and crushed roasted hazelnuts to make it special.

You can simply roast the split tubers in duck fat with rosemary, garlic and crushed juniper berries to accompany roast chicken as an alternative to potato.

The rich, nutty flavour works well with cheese and in this recipe I fry the artichokes until crisp and serve them with a crumble of goat's cheese before drizzling with honey.


2 Jerusalem artichokes

100g soft goat's cheese


Chopped chives


1. Wash and peel the Jerusalem artichokes and slice them as thinly as possible.

2. In small batches, shallow fry the artichoke slices in sunflower oil at 160C until golden brown.

3. Drain onto kitchen paper and season with sea salt. Allow to cool.

4. Crumble some cheese onto 4 plates. Top with the crisp artichokes and then more cheese.

5. Drizzle with honey and chives before serving.

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