Left speechless by in-law's Harry Potter house party

It's not often that I'm speechless. In fact it almost never happens.

Friday, 4th November 2016, 6:01 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:48 pm
The Royal Albert Hall

But I was genuinely left lost for words when I turned up at my brother-in-law Luke’s house party on Saturday.

He and his girlfriend Vic hosted a Halloween Harry Potter-themed party.

I knew he would go to town with the decoration, but I didn’t think for one second it would be like this.

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I walked in and was left absolutely shocked – it was incredible.

No wonder Luke took an entire week off work. There was Harry Potter stuff everywhere, including a full (and working) train.

Yep – an actual train, which he built with smoke coming out of it and everything!

Every single room in the house, including under the stairs, was converted to represent a part of the magic of Harry Potter and it was amazing.

I was so very proud of him, because you could see the effort and pride that had gone into it, building it all by hand.

There were potions and a floating candle (I desperately tried to find the wire that it was hanging from but to no avail – obviously it was magic) and there wasn’t an inch of the house that wasn’t related to Harry Potter in some way or other.

Meanwhile the guests got into the spirt and everyone turned up in great fancy dress outfits.

Tomorrow we’re hosting a fireworks/moving in house party at ours as there are still lots of family and friends who’ve not been to our new pad.

I hold my hands up right now when I say it’s not going to be anything like the party Luke and Vic put on.

We have a rather splendid selection of fireworks and of course I’ll put on some food, but I admit defeat right now.

Luke and Vic are crowned champions for hosting the most epic party this year and they totally deserve it.

As for my fireworks party, I do slightly fear for my new neighbours.

God knows what they’ll think when half of Pompey descends on our garden and rockets go off at all hours.

But we’re not the most proactive at hosting parties, so I’ll tell them it’s likely to be the only one we hold for quite a while.


On top of hosting a mammoth party at ours this weekend, Matt and I are off to London for a one-night break and I can’t wait.

Having not worked in London much this year, I’m really excited about visiting and playing tourist – something I never normally get to do.

It’s going to be a jam-packed night away, starting with a visit to the Royal Albert Hall where Matt and I are going to watch the Aliens movie accompanied by a live orchestra.

We’ve never done anything like this before and Matt is beside himself with excitement – not least because it combines his two biggest passions, music and movies.

We’re also heading to The London Dungeon. Let’s just hope we haven’t drunk too much at our party...


Our bedroom is almost done…almost!

My husband Matt and his friend Steve have been working tirelessly on it for around two weeks and now it’s about to be finished.

We just need a full-length wardrobe fitted (offers of help welcome) and to overcome the small issue of still not having a bed frame and we’ll be good to go.

It looks beautiful and elegant and everything I wanted, so I’m very happy.

But I’m not so happy that Matt refused to let me do much actual painting because – and I quote – ‘you’re not just a little bit clumsy Cheryl, are you? You’re a nightmare’.

To be fair, he’s right and I wasn’t going to argue.

It’s the one time his OCD is of actual benefit and I’m delighted to say he’s done a cracking job.